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Remembering Bilz

A collection of stories, thoughts, and reflections on the life of William van Orden.

peter knigge

It’s like I’ve known him all my life, from the early days in Prince George (1957 !), to coming back to Canada after Mexico, to Quadra then for the first time, sharing the beach cabin, roaming the coast in the immediate vicinity, magic trips in the little […]

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Seitz/Crosson Family

Our family is deeply saddened by the loss of William. Emerie will miss listening to William and Tessa having intense conversations about sea creatures, pipe organs and life. One of her favourite things to do was to sit outside the workshop and listen to two of her […]

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Kailen Crosson

A few years ago, when I was a teen struggling to fit in at my High School, William and Barb took the time out of their evening to take me to see a concert of a Cellist-Pianist duo at the Community Centre. Since my mum has three […]

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Breanne, Rick and the Spirit of the West Team

William’s passion for all things marine and environment meant I had found a kindred soul. Barb was one of the very first people I met when we came to the island 20 years ago and of course, it was not long after that she knew that Rick […]

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Bill and Muriel Black

I first met Bill when he had his shop in the annual Studio Tour. I was so taken with his unique talent and the perfection of his art, that I immediately brought my husband Bill to see it. The men hit it off immediately and talked about […]

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Martine Glaser

Unfortunately, Canada and the Netherlands are separated by a very long flight. Those who, like Willem, care about our planet, travel modestly. But after out dear daughter died I wanted our grandchildren to know they are part of a large and wonderful family. So we spent some […]

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Elmer van Orden

The first time I met William was in 1965. I was four at that time and in total awe of his Dinky Toy collection. A whole wall full! So that must have been his first passion: cars. And later when I lived on Quadra in 1982 he […]

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One of my most memorable memories growing up with William was when we were still living in Prince George, in a three bedroom house, one for the boys (1), one for the girls (4) and one bathroom for all seven of us. Our dad had vented a […]

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Ben Hyman

While we only met once over dinner at William and Barb’s place, I’ll always remember William for his generosity, talents and joie de vivre. The visit made a real impression – William’s creativity has been a source of inspiration in my own putterings sever since. What a […]

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Judy Campbell

I’ve had so many memories of William and his family during the past weeks. Today I’m remembering how we met. We had just moved to Heriot Bay and didn’t know a soul on Quadra or Campbell River. Well, I did take my very pregnant self to help […]

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