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Judy Campbell

I’ve had so many memories of William and his family during the past weeks.

Today I’m remembering how we met. We had just moved to Heriot Bay and didn’t know a soul on Quadra or Campbell River. Well, I did take my very pregnant self to help Hilda, William’s Mom in the school library, so I did know one person.

When my due date was approaching, I asked Hilda if there was any possibility that she could care for our son Marty, who was 8 years old, while Tim and I went to Comox to have our baby. Her response was to let her think about it. Lucky for us she turned to her son William and his quite new, beautiful, and very blond wife Barb and they agreed to help some some strangers.

From that time on, William was Marty’s hero. He was a fixture at their place for a time I believe…so much for their honeymoon! I remember the following Christmas Santa delivered Marty a snazzy, silky black jacket and he flew down the road first thing to show William!

William went on to be just as engaging and willing to share himself with his own children and many others too. He was so respectful of their individuality and it shows in the adult children and grandchildren that he leaves behind. He blessed all of them in his example of being endlessly curious and creative with his life.

Thank you for all that you shared with us William.

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