Magnificent Sea Creatures of the Pacific Northwest
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Martine Glaser

Unfortunately, Canada and the Netherlands are separated by a very long flight. Those who, like Willem, care about our planet, travel modestly. But after out dear daughter died I wanted our grandchildren to know they are part of a large and wonderful family. So we spent some weeks on Vancouver Island and they met Willem. He and I were built the same year. Although we hadn’t met in years, I felt a strong connection. The kids were deeply impressed by him: by his knowledge about all living things in the sea, by the wonderful stuff on the beach he showed us and, most of all, by his loving and artful recreation of sea creatures. We also admired his house, so full of wonders wherever you looked. What a privilege to have had this remarkable, unique, kind and caring man as my cousin. Thanks, Willem. You will be remembered with gratitude and love.

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