Magnificent Sea Creatures of the Pacific Northwest
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Seitz/Crosson Family

Our family is deeply saddened by the loss of William.

Emerie will miss listening to William and Tessa having intense conversations about sea creatures, pipe organs and life. One of her favourite things to do was to sit outside the workshop and listen to two of her favourite people have conversations about the things they loved.

Tess is heartbroken that her mentor in all things sea creature and fellow collector of lost things has passed. Emerie and Tessa will miss William deeply, he made them feel accepted as the quirky, funny kids that they are. Tess once said her favourite thing about William is that he had time for her and I think this shows just how kind a man he was. He made time for them, when they wandered up to visit or ‘helped’ him work at our place, he didn’t have to, they were just the neighbour’s kids but he always treated them like he was thrilled to see them.

We will miss him and he will always be one of our favourite people. We will be kinder and the girl’s are more passionate about the ocean life around them as a result of having known William.

Our deepest and sincerest sympathies to all those who loved him.

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