Magnificent Sea Creatures of the Pacific Northwest
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peter knigge

It’s like I’ve known him all my life, from the early days in Prince George (1957 !), to coming back to Canada after Mexico, to Quadra then for the first time, sharing the beach cabin, roaming the coast in the immediate vicinity, magic trips in the little SEAHORSE outboard, visiting abandoned home steads, we really became friends then, brothers like.

But I had to move on, took me years to get back to Holland, complications, lost my Immigrant-status but made it back to Quadra in 1975 just for a visit no other way, but the feelings were still there.

Willem made it to Holland a couple of times like I spent time in Canada whenever I could, saw the big house he built for his growing family, Menno passed away, I was making plans to get back to Canada but wasn’t to be.

Hilda struggling, I was struggling ,learning to type, Internet… We ran out of time, it wasn’t to be.

What a shame, bye Bill, see you out there in the big wide open. Love to you.

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