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Kailen Crosson

A few years ago, when I was a teen struggling to fit in at my High School, William and Barb took the time out of their evening to take me to see a concert of a Cellist-Pianist duo at the Community Centre. Since my mum has three kids who are younger than myself, I didn’t get to go to these types of events often, even though I adored classical music. It was a magical experience for me.

Having two people make such an effort to in spend time with me and talk about my interests made me feel so much better about how my life at school was going. William’s presence alone had a way of making you feel valued and important. To this day I still listen to some of the songs from the concert and think about what a wonderful evening it was.

William was not only and amazing neighbour and friend, but an important mentor to me as well. He will be dearly and truly missed.

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