Magnificent Sea Creatures of the Pacific Northwest
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Eileen Peters (Ewen)

My memories are fond of this man. I looked at him as like a distant father figure who was there. He had a heart of gold as does his wife Barb who I initially developed a friendship with. I was a troubled teenager and didn’t look to many adults to talk to or get help from. But I remember Barb and William being worried about me getting off late ferries and not having a ride and they offered me the kindness of picking me up when I needed it. During these rides we would talk, and William would listen, and offer advice where needed. But most importantly he was there as fatherly figure in my life when I definitely needed one in my life.

He also toured me around his shop one time when visiting a friend who happened to be their relative. He taught me all sorts of things about his craft, from the sea creature to the process making the forever still sea creatures that looked so real. I thought it was fascinating and was really grateful he took the time out off his day to show me the magic behind it all. I walked away with a beautiful little red crab with a barnacle on it that he gifted me. This man was gold. And I will end it at that. I am thankful for everything you did and were. I love this family.

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