Magnificent Sea Creatures of the Pacific Northwest
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It is hard to find someone who gets as excited about fish as I do, but boy did I meet my match and beyond in Will. He taught me an incredible amount. His observational and research abilities were outstanding, but what most blew me away was his insatiable curiosity. He was interested in everything, and made everything- organ (instruments), ancient fish books, the rail system- interesting. Every time I saw him, he would whip out a new (old) book and read me an anecdote, or hand me a highlighted newspaper clipping, or lend me a magazine with some fascinating insight. And I know he did this with so many. His mind was always buzzing with ideas and information and thoughts, and he loved sharing them. When I was doing my fish field work for my thesis, Will was right there, pointing me to various experts, connecting me with people, lending me tools, looking for fish under rocks at the beach, even making dinner with Barb for me and my hungry research assistant. I don’t know what I would have done without Will’s help, resourcefulness, and insights. But even more than this, I appreciated his friendship. He was always there for me, and my family. 

A couple weeks before Will passed, I bought him a Christmas card. On the front was a picture of a deepsea anglerfish, huge jaws agape, a sea of sharp teeth protruding… Most people would find this card bizarre and unsightly; but I know Will, just like me, would have loved it. He saw the beauty where others did not, and the absolute wonder of the natural world. I wish more people were like Will.  

Will was a neighbour, an artist, a scientist, a fellow fish lover, and a friend. For as long as I can remember, Will has been part of my memories on Quadra. And he will forever continue to be. 

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