Magnificent Sea Creatures of the Pacific Northwest
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Peter Murray

Brilliant mind, extraordinary artist, inventor, scientist, gentleman, and kind soul.

William could inform you about how today’s technology in electric vehicles was similarly first discovered in sea creatures some 100’s of years ago. He didn’t just tell you about it; he well explained the connection and then showed you the evidence.

My last visit, William was cross referencing books, showing me ancient drawings, and then flipping to Tesla battery prototypes. All this was happening while Eminem spewed venom over the shop speakers. Ha-ha, love it! You don’t forget times like that.

William created a lot of cool things and shared valuable knowledge. The replicas of sea life were and will remain extraordinary worldly creations never to be duplicated.

For me, the sea star pieces bring calmness and enlighten each day, especially when draped over an otherwise tether-like desk. What I appreciate most about the work is the obvious beauty, but the underlying and fundamental creative intent. William’s creative intent, to remind us all that our oceans are dying, and replicas are all we’ll have if we don’t collectively wake up.

My entire family well-regarded William, but my father Al Murray and William really saw eye-to-eye. Albeit Al was more of a George Benson guy. Anyway, on my dad’s last day on earth he requested to say some final words to none other than William. He found enough breath to muster the words, “William, I consider you my best friend, but please don’t let that go to your head” … and William remained humbly intact as the blend of sincerity, humour and imminence filled the room. Well dad, William just might be able to hang out with you now, and if so, please don’t let that go to your head!

My sincere condolences to the entire van Orden family and many friends.


Peter Murray

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