Magnificent Sea Creatures of the Pacific Northwest
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Nobuyo, Hermann and Michael Stadtlander

Took few days to digest and now we are writing to share about William.

Michael feels like he was one of the most creative person he ever worked with and William was such a gentle man.

With having William’s work around in our house, we always reminded of his unique and excellent work. Especially, salmon head in his shoes. He will be forever in our hearts.

We have not been in touch for long time but we also think about William, and Barb often. Quadra is very special place for us, too.

All our hearts and thoughts are with you who are part of William’s life. We feel most fortunate we got to know him.

Nobuyo, Michael and Hermann.

[Here is a clip from “The Islands Project,” when Michael, Nobuyo, Hermann, and the rest of the crew visited Quadra in 2007]

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