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Gordon Clayton

Here’s an anecdote about William that Nick and I both cherish:

It must have been a rainy weekend afternoon when Nick and I were sat drinking tea at the kitchen table at the family house, philosophizing about inventions in general, and engines in particular. It could well have been a conversation about generators.

We wondered out loud about the possibility of an external combustion engine and William, who happened to be walking by at that moment, said without missing a beat “I’ve got one of those, I’ll go get it.” and a couple of minutes later returned to the kitchen, plunking down a small ancient stirling engine on the table and fiddling with it briefly until it started to move. He explained the working principle and how they could theoretically be used in space, perpetually.

That was about 15 years ago, and it made an impression on younger me.

To me, Bill was introspective, honest, intelligent, quirky, and passionate about the natural world. We bonded over machines, experimental building materials, and his taste in eccentric music, for which he was well-known.

Many here have examples of Bill’s work in our homes and workshops, and have the opportunity to reflect regularly on what he means to us.

I’m really enjoying the stories that are being posted here, and I thank the van Ordens for giving us a forum to celebrate William’s life.

My heartfelt condolences go out to his family and the community.

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