Magnificent Sea Creatures of the Pacific Northwest
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David Alger and Leslie Smith

Dear Barb; Leslie and I are so sorry for your loss. Please accept our sincere condolences. I have a couple of particular memories of William, to share. The first was many years ago when the library was still in Heriot Bay. Poor Derek was passed out in the ditch along Antler Road and our daughters came running down to us; we were at the gov’t dock on our sailboat. The girls were badly frightened because they thought Derek was dead! I went up and offered to help Derek up, but he declined. So I asked you what to do, and you kindly arranged for William to come help. William with his kind and gentle way was able to get Derek up and out of the blackberry bushes! On another occasion, I was at your place with my brother-in-law, to see a Volvo he was interested in. William gave us a fascinating tour of his fish art and showed us his latest creation; the King of the Salmon. He was very modest and unassuming while showing us his very creative and original works. Sending you and your family hugs; David Alger and Leslie Smith

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