Magnificent Sea Creatures of the Pacific Northwest
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Charlie Daigneault

Intelligent and socially and politically aware, William was a marine advocate, a lover of odd and unique things and music. A serial downloader as he put it. And maybe even a bit awkward like most of those who are unapologetically themselves. It took me a while when I started working with William about 4 years ago to learn his sense of humour, but when I did I appreciated him on so many levels. He was an artist In no pretentious sense of the word, humble, capable, and driven. He was never afraid to pull something apart to see how it worked. I feel so lucky that I got to know him for the individual and wonderful weirdo that he was. To hear his stories and adventures. He was a huge inspiration to me to be exactly who I am and to pursue my passions despite what the world might think. He never ceased to surprise me with interesting facts, objects and jokes. it was such a real joy to work with him and be his friend. I told him, but I hope he knew how awesome he was, how much I admired him for being himself, all his accomplishments and sense of humour. I’ll never forget him. A person like that always was and will always be a legend.

William sporting his cool and stylish false teeth

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