Magnificent Sea Creatures of the Pacific Northwest
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Archive for January 10, 2022

Sam Wright

I met William at a party that was held by JD Waibel. If I had known at the time that he was the artist making those works, I would have had sooo many questions about his art. It seems like every other wall on these islands has […]

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Janice Crook

William was a legend in the Scuba world and I had a small Pacific Lumpsucker that he made from a dive friend many years ago. William was on my list to meet the next chance I got to be on Quadra. My mom requested that she and […]

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Randy, Gillian and Pearl

We met William, Barb and the kids in the early 90’s when they bought the first electric car I ever built. It was a converted early Triumph Spitfire which they drove on the island for a few years. Our first visit to their house was an adventure, […]

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Geraldine and Rod

Dear Barb and family, When we read the notice in the DI, we both immediately stopped what we were doing and looked at each other in disbelief. How could such a wonderful, interesting and seriously talented man leave us so early. Always a chuckle and a twinkle […]

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Gretchen and Doug

So sad to see you go, William. Your community will miss you but your spirit will live on through your wonderful creativity. Our condolences and warm wishes to all the Van Orden family.

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Donna and Jim Sinclair

We had the great privilege of visiting William’s shop years ago with our then-quite-young grandson. Eli would have been maybe four or five. He was fascinated by William’s work and had many many questions. William answered them all with great care. They were two scientists together. Age […]

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