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Archive for January 9, 2022

Timothy Harvey

I was dropped off by boat to canvass Quadra door-to-door in what must have been the summer of ‘98. At one household I was welcomed into the workshop of a man who surprised me to no end by stopping what he was doing to show me his […]

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I’m sorry to hear about the death of Bill, his memory lives on in the wonderful work.

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Steven Roias

I was always inspired by his art work, and his attention to anatomical detail was unmatched. William was a delight to converse with at fisheries conferences and other venues showcasing his wonderful fish replicates. I am a proud owner of his art (a ratfish)! You will be […]

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Julie Leung

In early 2019 I learned about William’s work through The Marine Detective. At the time I was an Environmental Educator at SEA Discovery Center in Poulsbo, Washington. I contacted William, and for my birthday I bought myself a small sunflower star model. This sunflower star is on […]

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Tiare Boyes

I first met William at his studio on Quadra many years ago. I grew up surrounded by his incredible art work as every one of our family friends owned one of his pieces and I remember it was such an honour to meet him in person. It […]

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Marc Kachaluba

My Father and I have known William for many years. Between the two of us we have gathered quite a collection of Bilz artwork from over the years. Some being fish we found for him and many others he already had. Visiting William was always at least […]

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Matt Drake

As a young aspiring marine enthusiast several years ago, I first came across his art work and I was enthralled by its realism. I have since acquired numerous pieces of his. I only met him once but it has a very memorable moment. He was very generous […]

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Jackie Hildering

It is with a deep sense of loss and sympathy for all who loved him that I share that William van Orden has died. Gone is his gift to the world of great caring and creating so that more of us would respect the life off our […]

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Harry Schoening

William was the first person I met at SFU in the spring of 1968. I was moving into Shell House and William opened the door for me. We have always been friends since that day. Over the years I have visited William and his Family on Quadra […]

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Andrea Hopps and Michael Mezei

We met William when Nick and Michelle were married on Quadra Island. Our memories are of a man with a profound love for his natural surroundings, and Quadra Island in particular. We visited William’s art studio and learned about his unique process for producing accurate replicas of […]

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