Magnificent Sea Creatures of the Pacific Northwest
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Randy, Gillian and Pearl

We met William, Barb and the kids in the early 90’s when they bought the first electric car I ever built. It was a converted early Triumph Spitfire which they drove on the island for a few years. Our first visit to their house was an adventure, we had never seen a car inside a house before or at least half of the car and the telephone booth shower was cool. Over the years William and family would visit us on their way down island and after leaving we would find some of Bilz early cast cement work. We are the proud owners of some lovely painted dog turds, small cars and of course fish. We were lucky enough to have visited William at his magical workshop just before COVID, the shop itself is a work of art and he was working on a giant melting Sun star. He was passionate about the plight of the Sun star and our planet in general. We are better for having known William and our thoughts are with Barb and family.

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